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We stick by you until your website is working for you.

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H. T. Major, Excellent Presence Raleigh Web Design Company for Women and Minorities

What Website Help Do You Need?

Web Design

Get a new website designed.

Raleigh Web Design

When you need to put your business online, or to get a new look for an old Web design.

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Website Visitors

Get (more) people to your website.

Internet Marketing Services

When you’ve got a great website, but not enough people know about it.

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Clients / Signups / Sales

Get more people to become clients.

Improve Website Performance

When you’ve got a great website that people visit, but they’re not buying/signing up.

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Why Choose Excellent Presence for Your Web Design or Marketing?

We’re experienced Web Presence Strategists who
build Web sites and marketing plans to help your company enjoy even more clients — online.

Raleigh Web design company for women and minorities
  • Knowledgeable Experts: With more than 15 years’ experience in direct marketing and Web design, we help U.S.-based women- and minority-owned companies get more business from their websites.

  • Empathetic and Focused: We understand the unique challenges of women and minorities, not just in business, but in the world. We offer forthcoming, results-driven advice built directly around the website dreams and company goals you share with us.

  • Customized Website Action Plans: What works for Web Presence A may not work for Presence C. We work closely with you to understand your company’s successes and challenges, to create tailored web design and Internet marketing plan that will get you more clients from the Web.

The First Raleigh Web Design Company Specifically for Women & Ethnic Minorities.

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How ANY Company Can Increase Clients Online (in Just 4 Simple Steps)

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Proven-effective strategies to get more business in any economy - even if you don't yet have a website.

Finally, a Web design company for us.
And we stick with you until your website is working for you.

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H. T. Major, Excellent Presence Raleigh Web Design Company for Women and Minorities