To increase website conversions, your website must do better at converting casual visitors into qualified prospects who actWhile the action you’d like them to take often depends on the website type (blog/informational, service, e-commerce, etc.), one thing is still certain:

Your website is only ‘effective’ when it achieves a GOAL for your company.

Consider the reasoning behind your Web design strategy: What is your website designed TO DO? What goal should your website achieve? 

The action you want visitors to take, and the action they are there to do should be the same if your marketing is cohesive.

For instance:

You want visitors to buy your grant writing book.

They want information about grant writing.

While visitors probably didn’t come to (necessarily) buy anything, they have come in search of information. Capitalize on that fact and increase website conversions by leading visitors right to the goods.

3 Ways to Increase Website Conversions & Get Your Visitors to Take Action:

Conversion Question #1:
Can visitors easily achieve their intended goal on our website, or are they getting lost?

If your company website receives inquiries about things already answered on there, visitors may be feeling overwhelmed or discombobulated.

Think about the times you’ve wasted time digging for info that shouldn’t have been hidden.

Personally, if I really like the site or believe in what they’re doing, I may write to ask how to locate that info. Unfortunately then, the responder usually feels they must explain—in wounded, condescending detail—how easy it was to find what I’d needed if I’d have only searched “better.”

Right. Because all I had to do was “jump over that crevasse, dive into this murky swamp, race across this corner of the jungle, and click three times on this link RIGHT HERE,” (as evidenced by their reply), and there was that info… hidden in plain sight.


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/Important Sidebar:

Some users may ask questions already answered on your website because they’ve never visited it, particularly if you use local marketing. So don’t make hasty judgments.

For instance, users could be calling from Google Maps, Yelp, or if they’ve found your business via mobile search.

This is why it’s so important to properly analyze website analytics:

You must understand what visitors are already doing on your website to make informed changes to increase website conversions.

/End Tip

Conversion Question #2:
Does your website take more than 1 to 2 seconds to begin loading?

If so, the majority of website visitors your company has earned are leaving … before ever seeing your website.

Think a few extra seconds don’t really matter? reduced load time of their site by a mere 2.2 seconds… and increased downloads of their browser by 15.4%.

That. Is. HUGE.

(Hint: Check your page load speed with this online tool.) How would a 15% jump in website conversions affect your company’s bottom line?

Conversion Question #3:
What info does your average visitor most want… and can they find it right away?

In other words, are visitors locating exactly what they came for from the moment they land on your company website? Or are they wandering around, looking and feeling lost? (Hint: To view visitor path through your website, time spent on pages, and where they’re dropping off, use this free script.)

In future articles, we’ll show you how to use website analytics to inform important website design and conversion decisions.

The Reveal

If your company website makes it anything but super-easy for visitors to find what they need, they’ll jump ship. In general, you can increase website conversions by keeping company goals front and center with every single change you make to your website.

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