About Excellent Presence

Through goal-focused website design + strategic marketing,
we upgrade your image and boost awareness of your business
to help you grow more easily—and consistently—using the Internet.

Who We Are

Excellent Presence helps diversity-conscious service companies
get more business from 
effective websites and clever marketing.

Experienced and focused, we provide
attentive, personal service and skilled project management
to companies whose services and missions we believe in.

We can help with website design and development,
marketing results improvement, graphic design,
and varied aspects of digital strategy,
including social media and content marketing.

View the F.A.Q. below to learn more about us and how we work.

You can also
email or call (919) 964-3977
if you have questions.


H.T. Major ★ Founder; Results Strategist

The Team

★ H.T. MajorCreative Director
★ Marc T.The Organizer
★ Jay HerringThe Fixer
★ D. Brown, Terry H.The Voices
★ Milutin K.Linux/Sys. Admin
★ A. Pant, Laza S.Marketing & Analysis
★ Nish I., Ahmed Z.Graphic Creations
★ Roma A., Ekaterina U.Photo Artistry

Our Location | Our Offices

Registered in and based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, our organization is blessed to enjoy the various benefits of telecommuting, like increased productivity and morale, and the ability to run much leaner than brick & mortar companies. (We’re also proud to boast that we don’t add to rush hour traffic on I-40 or the Beltline! ツ)

We Make House Calls!

If your Raleigh-area company prefers in-person strategy meetings, we can visit your organization Monday through Friday, from 9A to 4P, once your project agreement begins. After contracting, the first meeting is FREE.

If your company is not in the Raleigh area (or enjoys virtual meetings), we hold goal-focused phone or video conferences, complete with screen sharing if our needs require.


Who is H.T. Major?


Serial entrepreneur H.T. Major, (Harmony to her friends), started her first Web design and marketing company at Age 19, transitioning it to full-time after just one year in the field.

In addition to penning the #1 ranked marketing article at Business 2 Community in all of 2012, Ms. Major’s work can be found in numerous publications, including The Network Journal, Small Business Trends, Web Designer Depot, Women’s Prospects, Lioness Magazine, TweakYourBiz, SitePro News, and more.

Because every success in H.T.’s life has been the product of going against the grain and kicking beyond fear, she’s passionate about inspiring others to personal and professional growth. She does that by teaching smart strategy, intentional productivity, and focused marketing to goal-focused businesses that value results over vanity metrics.”

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our efforts are focused on other growth-oriented small businesses with solid goods and services.

We reserve our goal-oriented websites and intentional, customized marketing for companies and entrepreneurs ready to take their mission to the next level.

Not only that, we’re passionate about equalizing the marketplace, diversity, and inclusion, so we’re always excited to work with companies that want to help make the world better!

We fit best with small service businesses of 2 to 10 members, although working with passionate, driven solopreneurs and startups is also a joy.

More importantly, our clients are goal-focused and ready for growth. Many desire to expand their local business, while others are trying to get a new idea off the ground.

Whatever their immediate goal, our clients’ chief objective is to get more business via the Internet and/or to get better results from their online presence. They seek skilled experts to build or improve their company website, promote their business online, or improve the ROI from their marketing.

Of course. We request review and approval from your organization at several points in the development process, only uploading the final design once you’re happy with it.

On the Internet, your Web presence is your company’s first impression. If you don’t believe in your website, it will show—and may even trickle down to your own client base.

And not only do we guarantee satisfaction; we’re the only Web design firm in NC that guarantees measurable results.

For companies that wish to maintain their own website, we offer training videos to show you how to edit and update text, images, and pages.

For firms that prefer to be completely hands-off with their website, we offer both monthly website maintenance plans (recommended) as well as as-needed support.

It depends on what more you’d like to learn. :}

You can always email us anytime, or call (919) 964-3977 Monday through Friday, with any questions you have that aren’t answered on our website.

We do phone and video conferences, or on-site client visits, on business days between 9AM and 4PM. A human team member is also always available 24/7 to take your message after business hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

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