10 Business Headshot Tips to Boost Website Results

Think photos aren’t important for your local business website? Think again. In a recent Bright Local poll of 1,600 consumers, adding a quality photo increased perceived trust of the business by 79%. And adding a genuine photo of the [...]

Does Non-Mobile-Friendly Web Design Hurt Google Rankings?

Google announced in November that in April 2015, their search engine would begin a major update affecting all sites not implementing mobile friendly Web design... and businesses were worried. But what classifies as sufficiently "mobile-friendly" ... according to Google? [...]

What's the Best Web Design Company in Raleigh to Support Diversity?

Finding the best Web design company in Raleigh, NC—or any locale—can be arduous, as what constitutes what's "best" is dependent on your organization's unique needs. When your diverse organization seeks to support another company equally committed to diversity, the task becomes more challenging still. Luckily, [...]

5 Steps to Guarantee More Business Leads from Your Marketing

An effective digital marketing strategy is cohesive. We ended Part 1 by revealing the four inseparable pieces of a complete digital marketing campaign. From the initial advertisement1, to the venue2 where you place the ad, to the Web page3 the ad leads prospects to, all the way to the service being [...]

The 4-Phase Formula for Attracting MORE Clients Online

What makes one business grow quickly and consistently, with a steady stream of leads... while another just fizzles, with hardly any action at all? Did you know that there's a formula you can follow to ensure your Web presence (website + marketing) pays [...]

How Flash Web Design Sabotages Social Media & Website Traffic

It's been stressed for more than a decade that flash website design is a really bad idea, as it severely limits the amount of search engine traffic your site is able to receive. Another major wrench flash Web design throws into your marketing works is something else many businesses haven't considered: [...]