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Our Mission? To Grow, Enhance, and Empower Diverse Companies

We passionately increase market representation for diversity-conscious companies,
to help activate change & support small businesses that need it most.

How We Help

Through results-based website design and marketing,
we enhance the image and increase market awareness
for diverse, inclusive companies.

We also donate funds, talent, & time to relevant causes,
and turn public attention to systemic imbalances,
to help shatter glass ceilings,
level playing fields, and knock down walls.

In increasing awareness of both unconscious and conscious bias,
particularly in the workplace and in education,
we help inform the public and activate change.

★ Some of the Causes We Support ★

  • Raleigh Rescue Mission
  • Cause for Paws
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Red Cross
  • Activate Good
  • Kahn Academy
  • PLM Families Together
  • Color of Change

Why We Do It

Statistics consistently prove that
Women-owned, African American-owned,
& Latino-owned businesses are sorely under-utilized.

To balance the scales,
we help diversity-conscious companies
attain their next-level goals,
to improve opportunities, advance diversity,
and better our world!

Last but not least,
the social and human rights injustices
borne daily by women and people of color
perpetually fuel our desire
to help level the playing field.

All lives matter.

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