The Company Website: How to Make a Good First Impression

Last updated: Oct. 14, 2017

On the Internet, your company website is your first impression—and you only get one shot. Does it say things about your company culture, goals, and values that contradict your actual brand?

On Usability: Browsing, Searching, and Navigation

Liveperson conducted an online interview of 6,054 online consumers aged 18-64. In this group, who shopped online at least once monthly:

A website being difficult to navigate causes 53% of users to abandon a purchase.

That’s right:

If users can’t find what they’re looking for, they won’t usually contact you; 53% of users will instead simply leave the site.

And if they can’t find answers to their questions, 41% of users will abandon an online purchase.

So while you may save money up front by enlisting the help of a non-designer to build your company website, the loss of profits, sales, and potential damage to your brand reputation outweigh any initial savings.

With that in mind, let’s help your organization craft a solid plan for your website.

Should Your Team Tackle Building a Website?

Unfortunately, there are often severe usability issues when a fledgling designer puts together a website.

Even when using a website builder, self-built websites generally have issues like:

  • Certain elements aren’t clickable when or where users expect them to be (user frustration results);
  • There is no clear path through the website, and no clear call to action (response rate suffers);
  • There is often much redundancy in content and navigation (user frustration results; users have poor impression of your company);
  • Images are grainy, blurry, or otherwise unsuitable for a business website (makes your company appear “cut-rate”);
  • The order or sign-up process is confusing and difficult to follow (leads and sales lost);
  • and more.

The Reveal

If you’re going to invest time and money into your Web presence, go with the best value you can afford now, to avoid inevitable profit loss from an unintuitive, ineffective website. 

When you have a top-quality, professional product or service, it’s most logical (and profitable) that your website display the same professional quality.

For max. revenue, the quality of your company website must match the quality of your offering.

Need help ensuring your Web presence accurately reflects the quality of your service? Our Web design services guarantee an effective website that drives leads and sales to your business. See if we’re a good fit to build your company website.

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