A Marketing Strategy is a 4-Part Machine. Is Yours “Out of Service”?

Last updated: Oct. 23, 2018

The #1 Reason Most Digital Marketing Campaigns Fail: Missing LinksWhat makes one business grow quickly and consistently, with a steady stream of leads… while another just fizzles, with hardly any action?

It’s the approach.

If your marketing strategy is disjointed and not cohesive, you’re setting yourself up for a very hard time.

And you’re more likely to invest your time and money in “fixing” one thing that you don’t even know isn’t broken, when it’s another thing that needs your attention.

Fortunately, you can nip that in the bud by understanding that your online marketing efforts are not just standalone “promotions.”

They comprise your marketing strategy, which has four critical aspects of which your team MUST be aware in order to start or grow a successful, thriving business.

Usually, only the “pieces” of the formula are discussed (Google rankings, social media marketing, website design, copywriting, etc.). But we’re about to discuss the big picture.

The Common Time-Wasting Mistake Almost EVERY Small Business Makes on Marketing

Since 1999, I’ve seen businesses do it over and over again:

Your ads, your marketing, your website design, and your offer (service/product) CANNOT be viewed as four separate entities.

They are actually inseparable pieces of a well-functioning Web marketing strategy.


Actually, your marketing strategy is a “machine” that works like this:

The initial advertisement1
…is placed in some online venue2
…which drives traffic to your website3
…whose goal is to sell your primary offer4.


What’s more, all four components must deliver what your prospect expects.

If either one is out of whack, your leads will not consistently convert from “prospect” to customer—no matter how amazing each piece is on its own.

What does this mean?

In short, your website conversion rate is influenced by more than the actual contents of the website. 

If your website is solid, your product or service is stellar, the medium in which you’re advertising is top notch, but your advertisements are driving the wrong people to your website… they’re not going to buy.

And you’ll think it’s your website that’s not working, when, in this case, it isn’t.

Do you see the importance of ensuring EVERY aspect of your marketing strategy is on point?

And in having a qualified person or team to know how to read the signs to identify what the problem really is?

Your website performance is affected by the traffic sources you choose, the quality of traffic, your ad copy, and much more. And THAT is how you can boost your website conversion rate just by thinking about your strategy differently.

Make sense?

4 Signs that Might Mean Your Marketing Strategy is “Broken” and You’re Wasting Time

  1. Poor ad clickthrough rate: 
    Hardly anyone clicks the ads you place, never getting to your website in the first place.
  1. High website bounce rate**
    If visitors do click to visit your site, they leave almost immediately.
  1. No (or low) response from the website:
    People do visit your site and stay around for a while… they’re just not taking any action once they get there.
  1. Low marketing ROI overall: 
    Your ads do send the right people to your site, those visitors stick around for a short while at least, and they take a few actions (like join your opt-in list) here and there. However, your return on investment is too low to justify the cost of marketing.


Can you see how having just one thing out of whack can break down the entire process?

And are you starting to understand the importance of knowing WHICH THING is broken before you can hope to get quality results?

Once you’re actively advertising your business, you should be constantly testing to see what works. Since your website and marketing campaigns aren’t static things, you’ll surely find at least one problem from above at any given time.

Just work on correcting the most significant problem to get your “marketing machine” back in operation. (If the problem is too extreme and you’re unsure how to fix it… or even where to begin to look, we can help.

**A note on the bounce:

You can’t automatically assume that a high website bounce rate is bad. Base that decision on what your website analytics are telling you.

The #1 Change You Can Make TODAY to Instantly Improve Your Results, Credibility, and Authority

I’ll give you a hint: “Cohesion.”

To instantly boost results, make sure EVERY ASPECT of your Web presence—from initial ads to the final website landing page—is linked in an obvious and relevant way.

When this happens, your brand appears to “have it together” — and your credibility and authority instantly improve in the eyes of your audience.

Cohesiveness across your marketing, website, and sales process eliminates any jarring surprises for your followers. That lack of confusion and ease of doing business with you results in better conversions, more consistent leads, and more sales.

Of course.

But when you let even one aspect of your Web marketing strategy disconnect from the rest, the followers you worked so hard (or paid so faithfully) to acquire fly the coop… or never make it to your website at all.

And you come away from e-commerce weary, jaded, sadly (and erroneously) telling your peers, “This online thing just doesn’t work!”

Don’t be that guy.

Or girl.

The Reveal

A disjointed marketing strategy makes for sluggish, unpredictable business growth. Check Part 2 of this post, 5 Steps to Guarantee More Leads from Your Marketing, and learn what to do to start winning in marketing online.

No time for more reading? Leave your info with us at (919) 964-3977, or start a quote to see how we can help.

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