About Excellent Presence

Through strategic, goal-focused marketing and automating your most tedious work,
we help you secure the exact clients you want, tighten focus to serve existing clients better,
and streamline your philanthropy to make more of the impact you choose.

Our Company

Excellent Presence helps inclusive, diversity-forward companies
get more business from effective websites and results-oriented marketing.

Experienced and focused, we provide
attentive, personal service and skilled project management
to companies whose services and missions we believe in.

We can help with website design and development,
marketing results improvement, graphic design,
and varied aspects of digital strategy, including
social media, Google ranking help, and content marketing.

View the F.A.Q. below to learn more about us and how we work.


H.T. Major ★ Founder; Lead Results Strategist

The Team

Excellent Presence is both woman-owned and African American owned, with a diverse and inclusive team.

★ H.T. MajorLead Strategist; Creative Director
★ Marc T.Organization & Outreach
★ J. Herring, Jovy N.Development & Design
★ D. BrownVoice Talent
★ A. PantMarketing & Analysis
★ Ekaterina U.Photo Artistry

Our Location | Our Offices

Registered in and based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, Excellent Presence is fortunate to enjoy the various benefits of telecommuting, like increased productivity and morale, and the ability to run much leaner than brick & mortar companies. (We’re also proud to boast that we don’t add to rush hour traffic on I-40 or the Beltline!)

Would you like a visit?

If your Raleigh-area company prefers in-person strategy meetings, we can hold an in-person appointment (for some projects) Monday through Friday, from 9A to 4P, after your project begins.

After contracting with us,
your first strategy session (up to 45 min.) is FREE.

Otherwise, we hold goal-focused phone conferences, although we can use video or screen sharing if our needs require.


Who is H.T. Major?

H.T. Major, Founder & Lead Results Strategist

Serial entrepreneur H.T. Major, started her first  Web marketing business at Age 19, transitioning it to full-time after less than one year in the field.

In addition to penning the #1 ranked marketing article on year at Business 2 Community, Ms. Major’s work can be found in numerous publications, including The Network Journal, Small Business Trends, Web Designer Depot, Women’s Prospects, Lioness Magazine, TweakYourBiz, SitePro News, and more.

Some of her clients include:

► Cree Lighting
► PLM Families Together
► Cotton Incorporated
► Cotton University
► BeTrueBU
► UNC Chapel Hill and Fayetteville
► North Carolina State University
► The Space Foundation
► Boys and Girls Club of Durham
► LipoScience
► Raleigh Historic Development Commission

She is a truth seeker, action taker, and goal-focused change maker passionate about helping other progressive companies solve socioeconomic problems.

Because every success in H.T.’s life has been the product of going against the grain and kicking beyond fear, she’s passionate about inspiring others to personal and professional growth. She does that by teaching smart strategy, intentional productivity, and focused marketing to goal-focused businesses that value actual results over vanity metrics(impressive-sounding numbers that bring no results to the business).

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our efforts are focused on seasoned and startup businesses that offer high-quality goods and services.

We reserve our goal-oriented websites and intentional, customized marketing plans for companies and entrepreneurs TRULY READY to take their mission to the next level.

Also, we’re passionate about inclusiveness and equalizing the marketplace, so we’re always excited to work with companies that exist to help make the world better, and to make commerce reflect the true diversity of our Earth.

Most of our clients are small service-based businesses of 2 to 7 members, or passionate, driven “solopreneurs.” (What a treat!)

While we do sometimes work with businesses selling tangible products, we specialize in helping entrepreneurs that offer services to their clients.

More importantly, our clients are goal-focused and ready for growth. Many desire to expand their local businesses, while others are trying to get a new idea off the ground.

Whatever their immediate goal, our clients’ chief objective is to get more business via the Internet and/or get better results from their online presence.

They seek skilled experts to build or improve their company website, promote their business online, or improve the returns from their marketing.

Our primary goal is ensuring that you have a results-focused website that WORKS for you, and that you’re proud to have represent your company. So we’re very careful to request your review and approval at several stages in the development process, to be sure we’re always on the same page.

Please take full advantage of those opportunities to communicate with us, and let us know if we’ve veered off in an unexpected direction, or if something is not quite right.

On the Internet, your Web presence is your company’s first impression. If you don’t believe in your website, it will show—and may even trickle down to your own client base (or lack thereof).

To that end, we’re the only Web design firm in NC that actually guarantees measurable results.

For companies that wish to maintain their own website, we offer a written visual tutorial, or even training videos, to show you how to edit and update text, images, and pages.

For firms that prefer to be completely hands-off with their website, we offer both monthly website maintenance plans (recommended) as well as as-needed support.

It depends on what more you’d like to learn.

Rates and full details of service inclusions are listed on the Web page specific to that service. Use the buttons under “Top Services,” (or the menu at the very top of our website), to investigate.

We typically respond within one business day or less, between 9AM and 6PM Monday thru Friday. 

After you’ve reviewed the preliminary quote we’ll send by email, you can schedule a phone call with our Lead Results Strategist to both share and learn more about your project.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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