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Your Elite African American Website Designer.

Goal-Focused Website Design + Marketing Strategy for the Truly Discerning Business.

★ 18 Years Experience ★

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We can help YOU get more & better clients, through:

We talk like this because… we can back it up.


This Website Design Client Secures
a Stream of New Leads Each Week.

Visitors now spend 4 times longer on their website.

Redesign results gotten by our African American website designer
Visitors now spend an average of 3 mins 49 seconds on their website
compared to just 53 seconds before we did their website redesign!

Our Website Saw 9,870 Unique Visitors
in the Last 30 Days

…from our SEO, Google marketing, & social media strategies.

Marketing results gotten by our African American-owned Web strategy company.
We’d use the same proven strategies to promote your new website.
Your marketing strategy will be tailored toward what works best for YOU.

Want this to be you?

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An elite African American website designer: Getting results your bank account can feel.

We’re a woman-owned, African American-owned Web design & marketing agency.

I have a diverse and inclusive team to help me serve you thoroughly and well.

We use our breadth of skills & talents to help people like YOU
— inclusive companies and under-represented entrepreneurs —
compete better within your marketplace.

Hi, I’m H.T. Major.
I began practicing sales site marketing & design in 1998,
quitting my job to run the business full-time in’ 99.

But I have another unique advantage.

Because I studied & practiced marketing before design
it’s second nature to be very strategic and results-focused
when planning websites and marketing campaigns.

What does this mean to YOU?

All recommendations we offer your business are backed by DATA on what works.

H.T. Major - Excellent Presence | African American Web Strategist
Founder; Lead Web Strategist

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Results-focused website design isn’t an “expense.”

It’s an investment.

This investment shouldn’t be ALL about getting you results. (Wait. What?)

Indeed, getting results from your business investment is mandatory, else your investment is wasted.

And no one’s got time for that.

However, we get it: it’s also about appearances.

Ensure we’ve got the goods with the below examples of our work.

Strategic Website Design

Unique, Creative Logo Design

Creative Business Card Design

Photo Retouching for Graphic Design

Branded Creative Document Design

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curly-quotes-white for african american web strategist “If you want to change the world, you’ll need to get results from your business first.

Listen, any moderately tech-savvy hobbyist can put up a website — and many do. 

This isn’t my hobby. This is my livelihood.

And because there’s no third-party paycheck from “the man” to fall back on if we don’t get you results…

…the success of my business literally depends on how successful we can help YOU make yours.

So, we’re dedicated to the cause.

My team CAN help you boost your business to the next level (or get it off the ground) if you share our commitment to your success.

Let’s do this.

Are you invested in the success of your business?
We’ll help you make a change, and earn what you’re worth.

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