Case Study for African American Financial Advisors & Service Providers:

“Learn the ‘5-Ps’ System to Secure More of Your Ideal, High-Value Clients Each Month, with Consistency & Predictability.”

New Case Study Reveals:

  • The one thing most financial advisors and service providers do that actually increases stress and workload, and lowers return on investment;
  • The top mistake providers make that puts the size of their business completely at the mercy of others; and
  • A proven system to consistently generate targeted, high-value leads who are actually READY to take the next step with you.
  • The tactics that helped one company see 9,870 new website visitors in 30 days and dozens of new leads, helped another grow their book of business by $100 million AUM, and helped yet another reduce their team’s work hours to quadruple their free time.
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H.T. Major, Client Attraction Case Study

H.T. Major ★ Scientific Client Attraction Specialist & Founder