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Website Response Improvement is Guaranteed. Here’s How it Works:

Here’s the process we use when you are…

If you’re currently getting traffic and tracking website analytics, we’ll analyze those stats to understand how existing visitors use your website. Most importantly, we’ll reveal what they’re doing now instead of buying or taking action.

Finally, we’ll give you a list of action steps to take to improve the results you’re getting from your website and your marketing, including the reasons behind each recommendation, in order to teach your company how to get great results from your online marketing.

If you’re already getting a good amount of traffic to your website, but aren’t yet tracking, we’ll install Piwik to start logging the effectiveness of your marketing. After at least 30 days, we’ll revisit your website analytics and analyze your website’s performance. Again, we’ll see what visitors are doing now instead of buying or taking action, and we’ll give you a list of action steps (and reasons) that you can use immediately to improve the results of your website and marketing.

If you’re not tracking and aren’t (yet) getting much website traffic, there isn’t an awful lot we can do here to improve website performance. So to begin, we’ll install a stat tracker on your website. Then, we’ll evaluate your site against the standard principles of good design and conversion, which includes comparing it to the highest-performing websites in your industry. Based on our findings for both, we’ll provide a list of action steps (and reasons) that you can use right away to start your promotions off strong, and to position you for a successful launch.

Note: Since there isn’t any performance data to “improve” upon in this case, we’ll collaborate with you to decide on the best marketing tactics for your unique business and industry. (In many cases, it’s not that a company’s website is ineffective, or that their marketing is necessarily ineffective. Rather, it’s that the marketing isn’t a good fit for the business model… which still results in poor website performance.)

Sometimes, improving website conversion is unexpectedly complex. After implementing the action steps we prescribe, in the rare case that you don’t see a measurable increase within a reasonable time, we stick with you.

Just show us what you’ve done. We’ll analyze the results and work closely with your company until you do experience increases — guaranteed.

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