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How it Works

What Our SEO/SEM Packages Include

We have a variety of plan options to fit different budgets, business sizes, goals, and timelines. Our Google marketing plans include:

Who is your audience and what are they looking for? What words are they using to find you? And where are they looking? Depending on your monthly plan, we’ll assimilate your top 20 to 300+ keywords, and even 5 to 50+ hashtags (if applicable to your plan).

Who are your strongest competitors? What are they doing that could work for you? What are they NOT doing that you could capitalize on to gain a greater share of the market? Where are they advertising? We figure all this out and more, keeping a close watch on your rankings vs. your top 2 to 15+ competitors.

*If you serve clients locally, we create a complete business profile on Google Maps to help drive LOCAL leads, particularly those searching from mobile devices. We strategically craft and fill in your business info, including categories, service area, keywords, pictures, videos, and setting your NAPW (name, address, phone #, website URL) to ensure it remains consistent across all promotions. (May include basic video creation for select plans.)

Getting positive Google reviews on a consistent basis is a very important factor of how your business is ranked. That’s why you’ll receive an email template to use, and a “how-to video” to pass to your clients/customers, to show them exactly how to easily leave reviews for your business on Google.

Paying to drive people to your website becomes an enormous waste of money if it isn’t prepared to help seal the deal. Before your marketing begins in earnest, we’ll optimize 2 to 10+ of your Web pages (depending on plan) to be sure your site will support and not hamper our efforts to drive in more targeted traffic.

Please note that we only accept marketing clients with strong, high-response websites. If your website needs a lot of work, we won’t take on your account until it’s ready to convert “browsers” into buyers. (Don’t worry, we can help with that.)

This is tricky business… if you don’t know what you’re doing. We will request up to 45 monthly* links and citations to your website from various sources and other websites in your industry and parallel industries. (Standard plans include free links/citations. Paid ones [i.e., certain high-profile industry directories] can be submitted at an add’l charge.)

The link & citation building component also includes one attempt per mention to remove duplicates and fix incorrect data found online for your business, if applicable.

* While this number may sound low, in the vast majority of cases, we DO NOT build (or recommend) more than this number of new Web mentions monthly, to avoid raising red flags that may cause Google to penalize your site — getting it banned from their search engine, or tanking your rankings. It’s about QUALITY, never quantity.

You’ll receive high-quality, topical articles delivered quarterly to monthly for your team to post on your website. (We can also add these pages to your website for you at an additional charge. Content delivery typically starts at Month 3 to 6. Recurring content creation timeline varies by marketing plan.)

We do intensive research at the beginning of your service, when building your Google marketing strategy, to ​ensure​ that​ we’re crafting the best plan for YOUR unique needs. ​


Wondering how the above inclusions play out “in real life”? ​​​
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the process we’ll use to promote you on Google.

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As with social media marketing services, rates for Google/search marketing can VARY, as it depends on the inclusions we agree on for your account.

At this time, helping clients find your business on Google can range between 1,200 and 3,000 USD monthly, with a recommended 1-year minimum service plan.

Note: We DO NOT lock you into any mandatory contract. However, note that you’re competing with millions of other businesses who’ve been marketing for longer than your new business will have been. The 1-year recommendation simply allows time for ALL (or the majority) of your customized, strategic plan to be implemented, plus a bit more time to build effectiveness.

We do not recommend Google marketing services, unless you can invest the time to do it correctly and allow it to work.