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How Can Social Media Marketing Help YOUR Company?

From a recent study of 2,800 digital marketers…

92% say social media marketing has generated more exposure for their business. (Tweet this stat)

80% of businesses say social media marketing increased website traffic. (Tweet this stat)

More than half of businesses using social media for 3+ years say it’s helped improve sales. (Tweet this stat)

Over 50% of businesses spending 6+ hours/wk on social media marketing say it’s helped improve sales. (Tweet this stat)

Over 50% of businesses that invested 1+ years in social media marketing say new partnerships were gained. (Tweet this stat)

At least 57% of businesses with 10 or fewer employees agreed social media reduced marketing expenses. (Tweet this stat)

At least 58% of businesses using social media marketing for 1+ years report improved search engine rankings. (Tweet this stat)

69% of businesses that invested 1+ years in social media marketing found it useful for building a loyal fan base (esp. B2C, at 77%). (Tweet this stat)

With a Purposeful Plan, Social Media Marketing Can Work for You, Too.

How it Works: Our Process

From Strategy to Execution.

We can handle as many or as few stages as your organization needs,
from simple strategy and planning only, to the full management of your accounts.

This is where you and I discuss things like, what social networks are best for your company? How many should you choose? Which one(s) should you start with? Why?

I base the advice that I give you around your company culture, your personality, your business goals, if you’ll be helping maintain your social media profiles, and lots more.

The worst thing your company could do—aside from not having a Web presence at all—would be to sign up with a social network and have no plan in place to keep it going.

In Stage 5, we’ll talk more about how “dead social networks” destroy your credibility in your industry.

The “first impression” people associate with YOUR company online is made up of how your website plus all social media fits together.

Is it unprofessional and helter skelter?

Or is it high class and seamless?

When people visit your company website and your company’s social media… can they associate each one with YOUR company?

If they don’t match each other, then the answer is no.

That’s why your social media package includes the design of professional imagery for your profile to match your company website. If needed, this stage also includes touching up your logo for your Web presence.

Tip: If we designed you one when creating your company website, then you’re already set.

But if not, and your current logo is grainy, blurry, or has other quality issues, we’ll reproduce it, to represent your company with only high-quality imagery across the Web.

This stage involves intensive research to uncover how the most successful social media communities in YOUR industry are both built and maintained.

Because if you don’t know that… how could you possibly be one of them?

We’ll dig up things like:

  • Hot Topics: What does your audience care about most? What do they like to read, learn, or share?
  • Top Competitors: What “top dawgs” in your industry do people look up to the most?
  • Keywords & Hashtags: What “buzz words” do people on your social network use to find and connect with popular competitors? Or with companies like YOURS?
  • News Outlets & Media Sources: Who do people follow to stay on top of industry news? Who do they contact to get their message out fast, to the widest audience?
  • Common Follower “Profiles”: What kind of lifestyles do typical followers in your industry lead? What are their interestsand where can we find them?

Sure, you could try handling this stage yourself:

Get a tech savvy nephew, friend, or even your son or daughter to set social profiles up for your company on every single business network that exists online.

They support you.
They’re family.
They’d never set you up. Right?

Right… but do they know how to push your message in front of a wide enough audience:

…to get your nonprofit the donations that support your life’s work?

…to build a passionate enough fanbase willing to champion your social cause?

…to get YOUR diverse organization more clients from the Internet?

And when it comes time to share those “homemade” social profiles with the people who ask…

Will they make you look like “a boss?”

Or will they make you look like an amateur?

Expertly researching your industry ensures that every social media marketing move we make for your company makes YOU look:

  • professional,
  • competent,
  • and worthy of industry support.

Because anything else would be injurious to your bottom line.

Small teams have to divide working hours between so many different activities that the only way to operate efficiently, without becoming overwhelmed, is to automate anything we possibly can.

About once a month, we gather the content we’ll post to your social media network for the next few weeks, and we schedule it to post for youautomatically—at predetermined times.

This helps your company appear active on your network at the exact times the highest number of your members are online.

To do this:

  • We find out the “average” best times to post for YOUR industry.
  • We post then—until you have enough fans to find an average of when THEY are online.
  • Finally, we reanalyze and readjust your post timing regularly and often.

This formula is how we make sure we’re posting content each month exactly when YOUR network is listening.

Hint: This does not mean we automate all of your social posting.

We still connect, in real time, with your current and potential fans, business partners—and sometimes even competitors!—to ensure that you’re truly being “social” with your network.

Doing so is the only way to get maximum exposure, grow your community faster, and build credibility in order to achieve your social media goals.

“Why add content to your profile before there are fans or followers to see it?”

Smart question. We haven’t even driven people to your page at this stage! But there’s a—dare I say?—”excellent” reason for that.

Publishing some quality content first makes it so much easier to get fans once we do start marketing your profile.

If we led people to a dead, barren network, they’d have no interest in joining it at all.

For instance, imagine you’re really interested in cooking:

One day, you see someone advertising a cooking-related company Facebook profile that has absolutely nothing on it but their contact info—and PICTURES of food.

Would YOU join it?

If you would, then you’re super nice, forgiving, and really patient!

You’re also in the minority.

Everyone else would look at their computer, phone, or tablet screen all crazy, hightail it out of there, and find one of a zillion other cooking communities on Facebook that had:

  • recipes,
  • food prep tips,
  • links to blog pages featuring interviews of top industry chefs
  • …”and” a few pictures of food on it.

So even if no one’s really active in that cooking community yet, at least there’s something to read!

Do you see?

By now, we’ve built your social media community in an orderly, natural way and we’re driving people to a social profile that has interesting posts loaded on it. And your followers are ready to interact.

This stage of driving fans (up to 100 per social profile) can take between 1 to 2 months on average, as, again, these are real people that may take a little time to start feeling like part of your community.

“Why only up to 100 ‘starter’ followers included? Why not 200? 500? 1,000??”

A common misconception when using social media for business is that the more fans you have, the better you look—no matter what.

To people who value quantity over quality, sure. That’s true.

But that’s a terrible—and damaging—social media strategy.

Only interested, active supporters impress potential clients and partners.

So we focus on getting those first interested members to your social community, then entertaining them with interesting posts. As momentum builds, fans flow in more regularly and with less effort, so long as we continue providing the posts and the personality that got them there.

Make sense?

“Can we buy our first few fans to quickly increase follower numbers from zero?

I understand the concern: It can look a bit disconcerting when a company’s social media only has a few followers. And to your small business, it can seem like this stage lasts forever.

But while many businesses do buy followers (which end up being fake accounts!), Excellent Presence only sends real, human, and hopefully active fans.

The problem with buying followers is that it looks a lot worse when a company has lots of fans… but none of them ever say anything.


Instead of boosting your credibility in the eyes of would-be supporters, customers, and partners, this DAMAGES your credibility, because they’re asking themselves:

“What could be so wrong with this company that none of their followers talk?? It’s just their own employees talking with each other, asking questions that never get answered!”

Seems suspicious, right?

It does to would-be supporters, too.

Even if they didn’t realize you’d bought fake followers, they’d sense that something was “off.” That’s why Excellent Presence only sends real, live supportersbecause only humans are able to be active in your community. Of course. ;)

In this stage, we compile top news, quotes, and industry resources your fans will be able to identify with, enjoy, and share.

Knowing what they want to see and where we can find it is easy now—again, due to all the research we did in Stage 3.

Even though we just began sending followers to your social network, we won’t start posting the content we’re gathering here for a few weeks yet.

That gives those initial followers time to begin trickling in and engaging.

The little “archive” of content we posted before they arrived will satisfy them until we send you enough new followers to “spend” this new content on.

See how this plan is all coming together?

Finally, the hardest work is over, which your initial investment has funded.

Your company’s social media profile has been fully set up at this point. You can start showing it off at any time.

So at this point, we switch your social media marketing to “monitoring mode.”

That means we’re maintaining any existing connections we’ve made for you, and continuing to market your social profile across your industry.

We’re also still entertaining your current fans, attracting new supporters, and establishing new connections, to keep driving more and more people to your website or social campaign.

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