Harmony “H.T.” Major started her first marketing business at Age 19, transitioning it to full-time in just 11 months with no prior business or marketing training (and despite the fact that the average small business takes 2-3 years before seeing a profit).

Soon after — and shortly after “surviving” Y2K 🙄 — she went on to write the top-selling and most comprehensive guide to-date on how small business owners could secure a #1 listing on Yahoo.com, the primary search directory of the time.

Across the next 20 years, H.T. helped companies large and small:

  • to get more and better clients from the Web, through calculated, strategic online marketing,
  • to win back more of their time with minimalistic, goal- and revenue-focused websites,
  • to improve efficiency, work less, & earn more by streamlining and automating operations, and
  • to make a bigger socioeconomic impact through their work.

Some of her clients, past and present, include:

► Google
► Space Foundation
► Cotton Incorporated
► LipoScience
► Cree Lighting
► PLM Families Together
► BeTrueBU
► University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, Fayetteville)
► North Carolina State University
► Boys and Girls Club (Durham & Orange Counties)
► Raleigh Historic Development Commission

Harmony is a truth seeker, action taker, and goal-focused change maker who is passionate about helping assassinate the wealth gap for Afro-descendant humans in the U.S.


Registered in and based out of Raleigh, NC since 2012, we’re fortunate to enjoy the various benefits of telecommuting, like increased productivity and morale, running much leaner than brick & mortar companies, and not adding to rush hour traffic. ;)

To help manage your project, my team includes:

Marc T.
★ Organization & Outreach

J. Herring + A. Pant
★ Marketing, Development, & Analysis

To offer the same top notch, personalized attention I’d want when partnering with a new marketing studio, we accept only a select few monthly clients at any given time.

Learn more here:

Harmony Major, Founder

Harmony Major ★ BIPOC Client Attraction Strategist; Founder

Clients Include:


We regularly offer funds, talent, & time to make an impact for the culture.

We donate a percentage of the profit from every project
to relevant causes to help close the wealth gap for African Americans.

★ Some of the Causes We Support ★

-Color o
f Change-
-We The Protesters-
-Campaign Zero-
-Prosperity Now-
-Equal Justice Initiative-
-Communities United Against Police Brutality-

-Kahn Academy-
…and more.


No. Getting results for our clients takes intense focus and intentional work. Therefore, we reserve our goal-oriented, strategic services for companies and entrepreneurs TRULY READY to take their efforts to the next level with predictability and consistency.

Because our focus is on closing the wealth gap for Afro-descendant humans in the U.S., our core audience is comprised of consultants, coaches, advisors, and financial planners.

However, we’re happy to help any ethical “ally” who’s truly committed to investing the time and resources to improve their service business’s results.

Most of our clients are small consultancies, coaches, or advisory teams of 2 to 7 members, and select highly-driven independent service providers and advisors.

More importantly, our clients are goal-focused and ready for growth, seeking skilled specialists to help them attract more and better clients through the Internet.

They’re ready to take action, do the work, and participate as partners in the process of growing their business to the next level.

For now, we’ve scaled back offerings to focus exclusively on helping consultancies, coaches, & advisory firms gain a deep understanding of their ideal client, to grow faster, attract business easier, and create positive change.

The exact service provided is customized to your specific needs. Please learn more by viewing What We Do.

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