Change Agents: Doing too much?
Now you can secure more of the RIGHT clients with focused websites and choosy marketing.

We help established for-profit and nonprofit service companies create time-saving systems and consistent actions to hit growth goals without energy-draining social media.

We do this through focused websites, bespoke consulting, ideal client attraction strategy, and action-oriented marketing plans custom fit to your business phase.

We’re passionate about balancing the scales, so love working with (or helping you attract) BIPOC(?) humans.

But really, any business owner or team working for positive change is our kind of people.

Don’t exhaust yourself or your team with endless social media posts that drive low-quality leads and zero clients.

We help you take control over who you attract, to predictably direct your growth and impact.

Ready to find the people you want to work with and for, who understand your worth and share common goals?

Harmony Major

Harmony Major ★ Founder & President
Root-Cause Growth Strategist | Advisor | Coach