Change Agents:

Create clear action steps to attract the RIGHT clients.

Doing too much for too little? We help you create time-saving systems and clear action plans to hit your growth goals without exhausting yourself on social media.

We work mostly with established service companies, meaning companies currently making sales of their services (not tangible products).

Most of our clients are passionate about balancing the scales for overlooked, under-resourced populations. So they tend to either serve or be BIPOC(?) and/or women.

And while we focus on helping smaller companies (2 to 5 members) get better results from a lot less effort, we’ve helped several larger organizations refine their client attraction strategy, too.

Finally! You can stop wasting hours on endless social media posts that drive lazy leads and no clients.


Harmony Major

Harmony Major ★ Founder & President
Root-Cause Performance Strategist | Advisor | Coach