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Need the “online stuff” handled, so you can stop doing too much and run your company?

We build and automate simple, affordable systems that help service providers grow more consistently, but work less.

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We’ve been leading results-focused projects like these for 2+ decades.

This website redesign client now enjoys
targeted ready-to-go leads each week.

They saved 4x more time by no longer having
to “qualify” leads over the phone.

Gained 4xs more time

Website Redesigns & CRO

Google & Content Strategy

Our own Google strategy quickly brought us 9,870 new website visitors in a 30-day span.

We achieved it in less than 6 months
without any consistent marketing effort

9,870 New Visitors in 30 Days

This client’s action plan gave them clear daily to-dos to establish their brand and reach a new audience.

They’re no longer confused about what to do daily to reach their short- and long-term goals.

Gained 4xs more time

Marketing Action Plans

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Stay self-sufficient
without feeling scattered.

It sucks to depend on someone else for everything that moves business forward. What your or they decide to move on?

We make sure your team has the tools, access, and guidance it needs to easily DIY your daily growth & maintenance, so you only need us for major stuff.

Harmony Major, President & Lead Performance Strategist

Harmony Major, CSFC
Lead Performance Strategist; President

Hi, I’m Harmony Major.

I started my first business at age 19 with no funds or network, and took it full-time (and profitable) in 11 months.

Now, I run three companies, of which Excellent Presence is one.

If you’re focused and ready to reduce your workload, but get better results, our unique, 4-stage system makes that possible. 🙌🏽

We’ll help you clarify your best next steps, so you can crush it harder without feeling scattered.

Ready to stop doing too much and set up a streamlined system that helps you work smarter?