Client Attraction, Consulting, & Web Strategy for Change Agents

Client Attraction Profiles & Plans

Are you rebranding, adding new services or marketing, and want to make sure messaging attracts the right type and quality clients? (And doesn’t turn them off?)

Or, do you want to stop attracting certain clients and start targeting better ones who are more fun, higher paid, or easier to work with?

Get a comprehensive ideal client profile and/or marketing plan to draw the RIGHT clientele to you.

Focused Websites that Convert

Already understand your ideal client and know exactly what messaging turns them off or on?

Need a solid virtual home base to educate, capture, and CONVERT interested leads to clients? Or, need to revamp or expand on an existing site to get better results?

Review our strategic web design services.

Work with an Advisor 1-on-1

Want expert support, accountability, and guidance, either for a single project or ongoing? Across two decades as a full-time and entrepreneur and consultant to solo providers and multimillion dollar companies, Founder Harmony Major has earned clients like Google and Space Foundation, and been featured in publications like Verizon Business Ready and Small Business Trends.

Explore strategic consulting with Harmony.