The Grow It! Formula 90-Day Action Plan

Clarify actions. Adjust focus. Stop self-sabotaging. Hit your targets.

It can be tough to decide what deserves focus right now, TODAY.

The #1 challenge of growth-stage small businesses is securing clients or expanding, and doing it consistently.

What if you could release some of the to-do’s and still boost growth or efficiency by 10%, 20, or even 50% across the next 90 days?

Root-Cause Growth Strategist Harmony Major will help you create a strategic, step-by-step action plan for doing just that.

After just 4 WEEKS of 1-on-1 collaboration, you’ll have:

  • Chosen your highest-priority goal for next quarter;
  • Insight into deeper reasons you’ve hit (or were approaching) a plateau, to avoid them in future;
  • Chosen the best growth tactic to reach your unique goal faster, with less effort;
  • A specific list of action steps to take daily/weekly (depending on your comfortable pace);
  • A shortlist of specific tools to streamline and automate work (from our own vetted list, whenever possible);
  • Insight into exactly which new hires to make first (if any), and to do exactly which work.
Harmony Major

30-Day Investment:

1,297 USD

or 3 payments of 497 USD


This laser coaching workshop is for the growth-stage company that:

  • has already achieved sales revenue;
  • has at least broad familiarity with current marketing results (from website, ads, social, etc.);
  • prefers high-impact growth tactics (as opposed to high-effort tactics that get low/no trackable results);
  • is goal-focused and action-oriented, desiring a specific, easy-to-follow action plan.

Any growth-stage business, from established solo providers to large companies, can participate in The Grow It! Formula.

When running this workshop for companies of 2-10+, an additional charge is required to cover resources required to adequately handle the needs of larger teams.

Again, this isn’t the right workshop for brand new companies with no proof of concept or sales.

Of course, we can make no guarantees on any particular percentage increase to expect from this program. Estimates mentioned above are based on what we see when running this for our own businesses.

Percentage improvement you might see is based on many factors:

  • how much you were already hustling last quarter,
  • your starting point,
  • chosen lead gen tactics,
  • your industry,
  • your stat tracking aptitude,
  • whether you implement the plan you build… etc.

Also know that the Grow It! Formula is meant to be a results booster, not perpetually sustainable.


Companies need to manage multiple tasks to build and maintain growth. It’s not realistic for most of us to focus in mostly (or exclusively) one area per quarter. Rather, Grow It! Formula helps you understand the place(s) to focus to reach the specific 3- to 6-month goal you set during the program.

Good question. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer.

Running the Grow It! Formula for your business can be an intensive process. But it doesn’t have to be. Harmony works with you to build a completely unique plan, to create manageable action steps you can implement in the next quarter, on a consistent timeline that works for your schedule.

Some businesses will end up with daily action steps. Others may end up with weekly steps. It depends on what you want, what you can handle, and what works for your unique business.