Understand & Target the RIGHT Clients

We give service businesses seeking to change the world the ability to pinpoint, understand, and get found by your ideal, high-value client.

Wondering how to attract or find the exact types of clients you want to help the most?

We can help you.

Every action you take will become so much more efficient and intentional, once you’re armed with the type of intel we can provide.

Excellent Presence can empower YOUR business to grow faster, more consistently, and more intentionally by:

  1. target market hone in imageHelping you decide on and pinpoint the exact, ideal, high-value client prototype around which you want to grow your business;

  2. Revealing your perfect clients’ specific fears, most urgent pains, and obscure preferences. You’ll know them intimately enough that they trust you enough to buy from you;

  3. Uncovering the exact types of places where your perfect clients can be found, whether online or offline. You’ll be able to easily position yourself right where they’re looking; and

  4. Showing you how to craft an offer that compels your perfect client to contact YOU to start a relationship.


Ideal Client Targeting Package: THE PROCESS

You’ll be ready to go in just a few weeks. Stages of delivery include:

1-on-1 Insight Session

1 hr

1-on-1 Insight Session

We connect via phone or video conference to learn more about your business operations, your brand, and your near-term goals, to suss out your initial understanding of the client you’d like to target.

Market Research & Profile Compilation

2-3 weeks

Market Research & Profile Compilation

We gather statistics, demographics, and psychographics on your Ideal Client, using numerous sources, compiling it into an easy-to-understand, multi-page report you can use to guide your business operations, marketing, and customer service.

Ideal Client Profile Delivery

2 business days

Ideal Client Profile Delivery

Receive your Ideal Client Profile report by email in PDF form. If needed, it may also be accompanied by a concise, complimentary video highlighting the rationale behind certain key decisions.

The Ideal Client Profile: WHAT’S INCLUDED?

Inside the Report

The Ideal Client Profile is an exhaustive report that provides all the data you’ll need to guide your business operations and marketing.

From brand creation, to product development, to website design, to sales messaging, to marketing & outreach, and even to customer service processes… the ICP empowers you to make better decisions that help you increase revenue, expand market share, avoid waste, and improve client retention.

The exact inclusions will depend on your industry, target market, and unique needs and business goals. But below are the starting inclusions for the majority of Ideal Client Profiles.



  • How personal life affects how she fits in or uses our service
  • Location


  • Education Level:


  • Status:
  • Occupation:
  • Income/Revenue/Savings/Debt:
  • How she feels about her job:


  • Personality:

    • How Her Personality Affects How She Makes Decisions:
    • How Her Personality & Expectations Influence Our Messaging:
  • Expectations & Standards:
  • Hobbies/Interests:
  • Passions & Concerns:
  • Pet Peeves:
  • Typical Peers:
  • Allegiances:
  • Outlook on Life:
  • Main Social Network(s):
  • Reads:

    • Books (personal interest):
    • Books (career):
    • Websites & Social Accounts:
  • Follows:
  • Excess Traits [RED FLAGS]:
  • What does a typical week look like for your Ideal Client? (All 7 days)
  • How does how their week goes affect how you’ll market to and interact with them?
  • Most important criteria when weighing solutions like ours:


  • What phrases might they search for when seeking the SOLUTION(s) you offer?
  • How your service solves an important need, eases a pain, etc.
  • Her thoughts right before deciding to CONTACT us:
  • Her thoughts right before deciding to HIRE us:


  • Online
  • Offline

Discuss a bespoke Ideal Client Targeting Package.

Contact us to outline your unique needs.