Results-Guaranteed Website Design Services + Marketing

Other Web design firms merely guarantee “satisfaction.”

We guarantee your website design (and marketing)
will drive measurable results if you choose that plan.

-H.T. Major, Founder


Here’s How it Works

Results-Guaranteed Website Design Services:
For New Websites + Redesigns

Please Note: We offer multiple website package levels to serve a wide range of business types: Entry/Solo, Startup, Gold, and Elite.

The results guarantee applies to Gold and Elite level packages;
however, conversion support can be added to any level package at an additional charge.

Results-Guaranteed Marketing & Website Conversion Improvement

results guaranteed

Whether we’re convincing your prospects to act through results-focused copywriting, whether we’re improving the response of your existing website, or whether we’re designing your marketing action plan…

All elite-level marketing and website design services are backed by our guarantee.

With Excellent Presence, your diverse organization will generate more business online. Period.

Check website design and redesign services or website conversion rate improvement to view our portfolio, client results, rates, and more.

The Not-So-Fine Print

Can We Truly Guarantee Results… for Every Business?

Short Answer: Not technically. The guarantee applies in the cases where it is possible.

Here’s what we mean…

Every qualifying company’s guarantee will be different, and will be based around the service you come to us for as well as your openness to collaborating on strategy.

As one example, in the case of new search engine optimization and Google rankings, we do guarantee results (rankings), but we cannot guarantee a specific ranking. (Because we cannot control Google and their algorithms.)

As another example, in the case of website redesigns, a redesign will get you a better conversion rate than your original websiteif you follow all of our data-backed, time-tested recommendations on website copy, marketing strategy, etc., throughout the process.

As a final example, in the case of new website designs, a company website will get you at least the industry standard conversion rateif you follow all of our data-backed, time-tested recommendations on website copy, digital marketing strategy, etc., throughout the process.

If a design/marketing company couldn’t at least guarantee the above sorts of results, the client would be wasting their money. And that’s just not good business.

Long Answer: As we have no control over how well (or if) a client company’s sales team closes deals, how well their website copy (if the client chooses to write it) converts, or whether a client’s service or product itself is of satisfactory quality to attract customers, each company’s guarantee, when offered, is customized.

All of the above factors, and more, are considered when building
the guarantee we offer for your particular company.

Whether Excellent Presence is able to expressly guarantee improved results will be established and discussed with each client before contract signing.

Any Questions, or Ready to Start?

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