Change Agents: We’ll help you tighten up your marketing plan and set clear action steps to attract the RIGHT clients.

Doing too much for too little? We help established service companies create time-saving systems and clear action plans to hit growth goals without exhausting themselves on social media.


Through strategic, root-cause consulting and focused market research, we help you answer the questions:

  • Who do we REALLY want to work with, and how do we find them?
  • How should we price our services?
  • What do clients want to see in my messaging and branding?
  • What should we post on social media?
  • Is it a good investment to redesign our website? If so, what exact changes should be made?
  • What would make potential clients choose us over others in our space?
  • Why did existing clients really choose us?
  • What social media networks should we be on (if any), and how often to post?

…and more.

We’re passionate about balancing the scales, so love working with (or helping you attract) BIPOC(?) humans. But any company working for positive change is our kind of people.

While our focus is the small service company (up to 10 employees), we often work with large organizations and nonprofits.

Don’t exhaust yourself or your team with endless social posts that drive low-quality leads and zero clients.

Take control over who you attract, to predictably direct your growth and impact.

Ready to find the people you want to work with and for, who understand your worth and share common goals?

Harmony Major

Harmony Major ★ Founder & President
Root-Cause Growth Strategist | Advisor | Coach